BBC Exhibition Services Tender Closes 19th February 2020

The BBC currently spends 600 000 GBP per annum on exhibition services which is used across the BBC in order to promote its broadcast content and other activities such as educational and cultural campaigns, road shows and community initiatives, serving a wide variety of audiences.

The objective of this procurement process is to appoint a framework of preferred suppliers who will provide exhibition and display equipment, including but not limited to stands, banners and displays. This procurement will also include bespoke exhibition design and build, where the supplier will provide design and planning of exhibition spaces and structures, as per the customer’s brief.

Suppliers will also be expected to supply a variety of products including but not limited to portable exhibition stands, pull down banners, pop-up displays and modular panelling systems.

The framework has 3 lots and further details of each lot and its value per year is set out in Section II.1.6)information about lots.

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