Bespoke Pre-employment training opportunities GWE BUSINESS WEST LTD Closes 9th November

Invitation to submit proposals for bespoke ‘recruit and train’ pre-employment offers in the West of England.

GWE Business West Ltd (Business West) is a key player in delivering support solutions to businesses and is seeking bids from organisations to co-design and deliver bespoke pre-employment training opportunities. These opportunities form part of the Skills West programme and will equip up to 360 learners with the skills and competencies that are needed to apply for roles in the West of England Enterprise Zones and Enterprise Areas, both now and in the future.

You are invited to submit a proposal (or proposals) for designing and delivering bespoke pre-recruitment training that will equip people with the skills that are needed in the West of England Enterprise Zones or Areas both now and in the future.

Collaborative responses are encouraged from both employers and providers/ and or other stakeholders who operate in the region.

The organisation providing the training programme does not need to be an accredited training provider. The training can be provided by an employer or another organisation with the expertise in the specified area. We are seeking to fund a number of proposals that together deliver training for up to 360 learners. The total amount of funding available is £100,000 (plus VAT). Applicants can submit more than one proposal. Should insufficient proposals be accepted through the initial call a number of further calls will be made until the funding has been fully committed.

To obtain a copy of the opportunity please download the Invitation to Tender document and the accompanying appendices.

We welcome applicants to submit a proposal, details of which can be found on our website;

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