Bohunt Horsham Temporary Refurbishment MOTT MACDONALD LIMITED Tender Closes 25th April

The contractor is required to undertake internal redecoration/light refurbishment works to an existing educational premise to support Bohunt Education Trust vision and ethos. The school is a 4FE school and will be in the building for a maximum 2 years whilst the permanent building is constructed. Year 1 will welcome 120 students and at Year 2 the total number to be accommodated will be 240 students. The existing building is mainly a 2-storey storey building, with one room on the 3rd Floor level. 

At this stage a control option has been developed and a Building Condition Survey, Structural and Mechanical Visual Condition Surveys have been implemented. However, it may be required for the contractor to conduct further intrusive surveys and/or a Mechanical Validation Survey, FFE survey. 

The proposed FFE survey should identify the required fixed furniture required for the school to be functional, to assess and price furniture and ICT equipment to be provided by CCG and to create legacy list for the items to be decant to the new development. Please note that existing ICT and FFE items are client property so if damaged during the contractor’s operations they will need to be replaced or repaired to a satisfactory level by the appointed contractor.

The proposed works include: 
• Removing and adding partitions were applicable.
• Removing and adding new doors and glazed screens were applicable.
• WC remodelling were applicable.
• Fireproofing staircase lobbies.
• Potentially providing new window restrictors.
• Providing new flooring material where required.
• Paint redecorating were applicable.
• Providing new handrails where required
• Minor external works,
o Painting to existing hard standing to define MUGA playground area.
o Demolishing existing and providing new stairs for public access.
o Replacing wooden entrance canopy.
o Provide cover to external AC units.
o Vehicle barriers and or entrance gate. 
o Providing new secure fencing across the site and potentially providing a new external staircase to enhance existing fire strategy. 
• Minor Mechanical and Electrical alterations will be required to the affected rooms, including additional ductwork.
• Alterations to the fire alarm and security networks.
• Alterations to small power and audio-visual installations.

The details of the existing utility providers will be provided to the appointed contractor by the current leaseholders. The appointed contractor will be responsible to record the meter readings and reach an agreement with the leaseholders any recompensation.

The appointed contractor should note that drawing titled as “1057_4000_Rev B Demolitions and New Works – Years 1&2” sets all internal areas to be demolished in yellow and all internal new-build areas in red. This drawing should be used in conjunction with “1057_5000 Proposed finishes plan” which sets out the level of the proposed finishes. All proposed works on external areas are annotated on drawing “1057_2000_Rev B Proposed Site Plan

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