British Council Safeguarding Review BRITISH COUNCIL(THE) Tender Closes 7th January

British Council established a professional Child Protection team in 2011. This has led to creating corporate policies, procedures, case management processes and related expertise, training and awareness. Due to the work that has been done the British Council is fairly mature in this area. This is acknowledged externally through our Level 1 certification by Keeping Children Safe as well requests from other charities and donor bodies for our contributions to debates.

Recently we have developed an Adults at Risk policy supported with related training/briefing materials, case studies and an awareness/training campaign across the organisation including the senior management. This initiative is progressing well within the organisation with positive feedback. Currently Adults at Risk initiative is been led and managed by the Head of Equal Opportunities, Diversity and Inclusion.

In the meantime, the external landscape has changed exponentially following various scandals in the UK and internationally, and a growing awareness across regulatory bodies, and society in general, of the need to have strong and appropriate safeguarding measures in place.

The British Council’s Executive have asked for a review of our safeguarding approach to ensure it is effective, is proportionate taking account of our mission, and is as efficient as possible.

You can receive the full tender pack by registering an interest via the British Council’s procurement portal:

Please post questions using the correspondence section of the portal, this can be accessed once you are registered on the portal and have received the tender pack. If you are having technical problems accessing the portal please contact the British Council procurement team:

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