Building Maintenance Services and Low Value Works across the ESFA Estate East Sussex Fire Authority Tender Closes 22nd March

East Sussex Fire Authority (ESFA) is seeking to award a contract for the provision of ad-hoc building maintenance, repairs and routine planned building works across its estate in East Sussex and Brighton and Hove. The Contract will be for a three year period commencing on a the 1st July 2019 with an option for the Authority to extend the Contract for a further period of up to twelve months, where the supplier is in agreement. This call off contract will cover the requirement for routine building maintenance, ad-hoc emergency repairs and on occasion small scale building works, up to a value of £100,000 per project. Building works above this value will be advertised separately.By the nature of the requirement, no work is guaranteed, however our routine annual spend on normal Reactive Maintenance for the last two years, has been around £250k.We are also moving ahead with a capital programme to refurbish and remodel a number of Fire Stations across the estate. While much of the major refurbishment and remodelling, including station extensions, will be subject to a separate tender exercise, some of the smaller value Works (estimated individual works with costs of up to £100k) may form part of this contract.

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