Bus Services to include Local Buses, School Buses and Truro Park & Ride Cornwall Council

Cornwall Council is tendering its supported Local and School Bus Services across the whole County. The Council is looking to use innovation and quality to increase use of public transport. Integrating rail and bus travel provides opportunity to reduce dependency on private motor vehicles.

The services to be included within this tender are:

Category 1.
Local Bus Service – £70.5m (approximate)
This equates to approximately 50% of the current local bus network across Cornwall, with the remainder being operated commercially under the deregulated bus market and outside of this procurement;

Category 2.
School Bus Service – £75m (approximate)
This relates to School Bus ‘Closed Contracts’.

Category 3.
Truro Park and Ride – £4.5m (approximate)
This relates to the Truro service operating between the Langarth (Western) and Tregurra (Eastern) transport hubs in the city of Truro.

Each of the Categories above will be subdivided into individual Lots. In total there will be 334 Lots offered for Tender.

The Council’s desired outcomes from the Tender are:

1. Improved modal integration across public transport;
2. An improved customer experience and accessibility to essential services;
3. A high quality and reliable public transport network;
4. Increase patronage;
5. Support implementation of the principles of One Public Transport System for Cornwall (See Appendix C);
6. Value for money service for the Council Taxpayer;
7. Further integrate public and school transport, to increase vehicle utilisation;
8. Encourage emission reduction strategies;
9. Continued customer focused high quality Truro Park & Ride service.

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