Business Data & Intelligence Programme Devon County Council Tender Closes 11th November

Devon County Council (DCC) aspires to be a data driven organisation with decisions based on timely and reliable data. To support this ambition, DCC wish to engage a partner to advise and work with us to provide an architecture that will fulfil the needs of the council and the people of Devon.

DCC are a large organisation with 4,500 employees supplying 800 services working closely with partners such as the NHS, Police and other authorities. There are currently a wide variety of systems designed for individual business areas, with some departments making good use of analytical tools for business intelligence and providing leadership to national bodies. DCC would like to improve the consistency, cross-referencing and quality of this data across the whole of the organisation. DCC anticipate implementing tools and processes to monitor accuracy from the point of data creation and to implement an architecture that supports data being made available to the whole of the council, business partners and to the general public whilst complying with data protection and other standards.

DCC have invested considerable resources and time into the Microsoft technology stack, including the full Office 365 suite, Power BI and Azure Cloud. Any solution would be expected to utilise this existing technology investment.

The Data and Intelligence initiative must support the aims of the Devon Sustainability and Transformation Partnership (STP) which addresses the increasing health and care needs of the Devon population.

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