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Business is about Winning Tenders

One way or another, winning business is about submitting a proposal of some kind and then making an agreement to deliver your speciality. The ‘winning’ amounts to proving you know what you are talking about and can deliver what is required better than your competitors.

When you first start out in business those deals are comparatively simple agreements. As you grow they become more complex –  ‘I’ll pay you £20k, or £2m, to do this for me’ where ‘me’ becomes a much larger organisation where accountability is king. This is when tendering becomes the norm.

No-one is going to hand a stranger £2m on the back of a conversation. They are going to have to jump through a series of hoops to land a lucrative contract through winning a tender.

When you start in business you may be just one person with a great idea and a boot full of enthusiasm. That will get you started but, as more work turns up, you need to delegate this for others to do their bit, the bit they are best at. With employees come people issues, training needs, patience and more costs for which income needs to be generated. This means your pricing needs to be adjusted to accommodate these extra costs. Systems will need implementing that aid the flow of business.

Gaining business through tendering gives you guaranteed income for a period of time, which allows you to feel more secure in building your business. Winning Tenders are experts at completing tender documents and winning our clients millions of pounds worth of business.

For each area of business there are consultants who can help you. Jon Davey, as well as being Sales & Marketing Director for Winning Tenders, has an online community called Business in Berkshire and for Wednesday’s Great British EXPO at Ascot at least 3 of these gifted & talented chaps are turning up for at least part of the day.

Click above to view their extensive LinkedIn profiles.

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To ensure visitors to the stand are not disappointed, we have a post box for you to submit your business questions and if they have something to share on the topic, one or all three will send you their thoughts after the show.

Can’t say fairer than that!

See you there >>>

Thank you.


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