Cambridgeshire County Council Early Adoption of Low Emission Buses – INTENTION TO DIRECTLY AWARD CONTRACT Tender Closes 1st February

Following the soft market testing conducted on Contracts Finder between 22nd November 2018 and 4th January 2019 for Cambridgeshire County Council Early Adoption of Low Emission Buses (the original notice can be seen at ) the Authority believes that there is only one provider able to satisfy this requirement, due to only one relevant response received confirming interest in this opportunity. 

It is therefore the Authority’s plan to publish a Voluntary Ex-Ante Transparency (VEAT) notice in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) and directly award a contract to this provider.

Before this step is taken the Authority is issuing this final communication to ascertain if any providers feel they are able to satisfy this requirement and would wish to be involved in a formal tender process. If any organisation feels that they would wish to be involved in such a process then they are requested to make contact without delay with Jon Collyns – Senior Procurement Category Manager at by 5pm on Friday 1st February 2019. 

If no such communication is received by this time then the Authority are likely to issue a VEAT as above.

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