Carers Innovation Fund Department of Health and Social Care Tender Closes 13th September

The Pre Commercial Procurement will be done in a phased approach covering 3 phases (Phase 1: Idea Generation; Phase 2: Idea Development and Phase 3: Idea Implementation) over a period of approx. 9 months. Phase 1 (Idea Generation) will ask interested parties to complete a formal expression of interest. At Phase 2 up to 20 bidders will be awarded funding of 25 000 GBP to carry out initial research and development of their proposed solution to demonstrate proof of concept (max funding at Phase 2: 500 000 GBP). At Phase 3, a total funding pot of 4 500 000 GBP is available for financial Years 2020/2021 and 2021/2022. Bidders will be invited to submit proposals and will be invited to a pitch day to determine which bids may be awarded Phase 3 Idea Implementation funding.

Intellectual property rights generated during the PCP will be subject to terms and conditions set out in the contract documentation.

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