Caterham High School – Tender for Cleaning Services The Litmus Partnership Ltd Tender Closes 8th November

Caterham High has been at the heart of the local community for over 60 years providing an excellent education for all young people that join our thriving institution. We are ambitious for our students, setting high aspirations in all that they do. We aim to ensure that they achieve the best exam results possible, have opportunities to develop their talents and aptitudes, and become confident young people who will step out to meet the challenges of the world today.

Our home-school partnerships are very strong. For students to maximise their potential, it is vital that parents and carers and the school work productively together. We use regular monitoring, target setting and dialogue with students and parents and carers to ensure students make good progress. There are many opportunities, formal and informal, for dialogue, which we strongly welcome.

he successful supplier will be required to provide cleaning services at:

Caterham High School (the Client), Caterham Avenue Ilford, Essex, IG5 0QW.

The contract being tendered is for 3 years in duration commencing 1.8.2020.

The contract is fixed price with the supplier invoicing the Client for one-twelfth of the annual cost on a monthly basis. Any variations to the contract that are requested by the Client should be invoiced at the agreed rate and should be calculated on an hourly rate per employee needed to carry out the variation to the satisfaction of the contract supervising officer.

Whilst the monthly charge will represent one-twelfth of the contract cost, a reconciliation will take place monthly to reconcile the actual hours worked within the contract. If the hours worked are less than those budgeted for a credit will be required by the Client. The Client requires that the tendered amount of hours are worked at all times and the successful Supplier will be expected to have a system in place to cover for both planned and unplanned leave.

The basis and rationale that the Client requires the successful supplier to operate to at all times is being able to provide clean premises that are fit for purpose and that the contractor is proactive in the management of the contract, thus ensuring that all specifications are achieved and that the frequency of cleans is as detailed within the tender specification.

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