Cauldwell Medical Centre (Bedford), Alternative Provider Medical Services (APMS) Attain Tender Closes 26th September

The Contracting Authorities wish to establish a single Provider contract for the provisions of an Alternative Primary Medical Services (APMS) Primary Care service based at Cauldwell Road Medical Centre.
Cauldwell Medical Centre, Bedford Hospital NHS Trust, Kempston Rd, Bedford MK42 9DJ is in Bedfordshire and is part of Bedfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG). The CCG currently has a provider in place to deliver general practice medical services at the surgery until 31.3.2020.

Bedfordshire CCG now wishes to appoint a suitable organisation to provide general practice medical services (under an APMS Contract) at Cauldwell Medical Centre from 01.04.2020 for a period of 5 (five) years with a break clause at Year 3 (3 + 2). Bedfordshire CCG aim to help ensure better outcomes for people by creating the settings for person-centered, personalised and coordinated care to thrive locally.

The most recent health profile for Bedford is available to download areas&place_name=East%20of%20England

Bedfordshire CCG covers an area that incorporates two local authority districts: Bedford Borough and Central Bedfordshire. The high level health profile overview for Bedford Borough is as follows:-

The health of people in Bedford is varied compared with the England average. About 15% (4,800) of children live in low income families. Life expectancy for
both men and women is similar to the England average.

Health inequalities
Life expectancy is 10.1 years lower for men and 7.1 years lower for women in the most deprived areas of Bedford than in the least deprived areas.**

Child health
In Year 6, 19.9% (369) of children are classified as obese. The rate of alcohol-specific hospital stays among those under 18 is 23*, better than the average
for England. This represents 9 stays per year. Levels of GCSE attainment are worse than the England average. Levels of breastfeeding initiation and smoking at
time of delivery are better than the England average.

Adult health
The rate of alcohol-related harm hospital stays is 553*,better than the average for England. This represents886 stays per year. The rate of self-harm hospital stays is 224*, worse than the average for England. This represents 374 stays per year. The rate of sexually transmitted infections is better than average. Rates of statutory homelessness, violent crime and the percentage of people in employment are better than average.

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