Central London Works Evaluation City of London Corporation closes 2nd November

Central London Works (CLW), is a key devolved DWP Work & Health Programme with funding to provide support to approximately 21,000 residents of Central London, helping them to move closer to the labour market and tackle their wider labour market barriers, namely health conditions or disabilities.

CLW is looking to appoint an innovative evaluator able to fulfill the requirements of the specification.

Therefore, the City is undertaking a procurement process to appoint a suitably experienced and qualified independent evaluation service to measure the impact and effectiveness of the Work & Health Programme.

The Evaluator shall produce findings, detailed insights and recommendations to improve the programme as it develops.

This procurement will be a two (2) stage Restricted procedure. The description of the Central London Works
Evaluation is set out in the procurement documents, particularly the Draft Specification – available from: https://www.capitalesourcing.com.

The duration of the contract is five (5) years and organisations should note that the maximum budget for this evaluation service will be 250,000 GBP to cover all elements of research including and possible incentive costs,expenses, etc. for research participants.

Organisations which are shortlisted to the Invitation to Tender stage will be required to propose their methodology for addressing the research objectives and demonstrate value for money.

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