Chesterfield Borough Council – Depot Rationalisation Chesterfield Royal NHS Foundation Trust Tender Closes 25th January

Chesterfield Borough Council is looking to commission the following work

Develop and deliver a project which will ensure the depot feasibility study is completed by May 2019. Milestones for desktop completion, engagement completion and interim report completion should be clearly included in the tender submission.

The feasibility study should include the following activities:

1. Complete a detailed review of public sector depot assets, including their current utilisation, their likely future maintenance costs and their future development potential. Current known assets for inclusion are attached in Appendix 1. Consideration of HS2 implications should be captured within the review.

2. Engage with stakeholders to assess their broad future space requirements, both on an individual basis and on an integrated basis, supported by service redesign. Appendix 2 details the known stakeholders. The scope of the project is such that consideration will be given to additional stakeholders should options arise. Any such options will be developed in consultation with the successful contractor.

3. Identify potential future delivery sites, including referencing how different locations could serve different or wider geographies depending on their connectivity. Proximity to local authority operating areas should be captured and likely changes to operating costs should be reflected in the feasibility study.

4. Complete site suitability analysis, with massing diagrams and conceptual floor plans, showing design thoughts about service delivery elements. Provide costs on a £/m2 basis.

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