City of London Police – Call Recording Solution City of London Corporation Tender Closes 11th February

The City of London Corporation (the City) invites Tenders for the provision of a Call Recording Solution for the City of London Police.

As part of the project to modernise the 20yr old telephony solution, the City of London Police are looking to implement a new call recording system to record all external telephony calls made through the CoLP PABX; providing facilities to retrieve and playback recorded calls and archive stored calls as per CoLP requirements. 

The proposed solution will make the best use of Technology advances, ensuring processes are future-proofed and offer a reliable solution for CoLP to meet their statutory obligations. 

In addition, the procurement will address an immediate risk around the current call recording system in CoLP. The current system is not fit for purpose, does not record calls across all lines to all extensions and therefore poses a significant reputational and operational risk to the Force.

The duration of the contract is 3 years, subject to the right of the City (at its sole discretion) to exercise its right to extend the Contract by up to 2 further years (available as a 2 year or single year extensions). The maximum length of the contract is therefore 5 years.

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