Cleaning Services 2020 SE Shared Services Tender Closes 7th October

Elmbridge Borough Council is initiating an open tender procedure for Cleaning Services on the Councils premises in accordance with European Community legislative requirements as implemented by the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 (as amended). The Supplier will be required to provide a full cleaning service as specified in this Service Specification

The council has approximately 17 building that include council’s main office, centres for the community plus community hub and public conveniences.

Lot 1 – Esher Civic Centre & Transport Hub

Lot 2 – 7 Centres for the Community and Walton Hub

Lot 3 – 7 Public Conveniences

The Commissioners will award one, two or three contract(s) to the successful bidder(s) responsible for the delivery of the cleaning service and associated outcomes. As a result, the Commissioners invites competent bidders who are able to provide such services to respond to this Invitation to Tender for an initial contract period of three years with an option for the Commissioners to extend this contract for up to five years on an annual basis, subject to RPI and the proposed cost provided at Month 9, prior to the annual expiry date.

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