Cleaning Services – Offices, Accommodation, Buildings and other Assets EXETER CITY COUNCIL Tender Closes 11th January

Exeter City Council is tendering for cleaning services (and provision of supplies where applicable) within our offices, housing sites and other ancillary sites. This is the first time the Council is looking to bring together cleaning services under one contractual arrangement. Previous formal and ad hoc arrangements which the Council has operated have not been joined up in approach or delivery and as a consequence the Council’s cleaning arrangements are fragmented across a number of different suppliers.

The key objectives of the Tender are:

• To rationalise the current fragmented supplier delivery arrangements and ultimately the resulting contract management
• Better organise the commercial offer for supplier to tender for the service and as a result of this look to improve value for money.
• Assess the competitiveness of future service delivery through formally competing the requirements
• Reset the commercial arrangements based on updated specifications and standards

One of four Lots, Lot 1 Cleaning Services Operational Sites (Offices); Lot 2 Cleaning Services Housing Sites; Lot 3 Cleaning Services Other Council Sites, with Lot 4 all Lot award. Prices indicated are purely estimates based on previous spend, but will not necessarily be reflective of the required and revised specifications as presented within the Government documents applicable to this tender.

Initial contract period is for 48 months, with options to have 12 month renewals up to maximum of 3.

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