Cleanroom Facilities for Spacecraft Assembly for the Disruptive Innovation for Space Centre (DISC) Tender Closes 28th January

The DISC requires capabilities which allow the assembly and development of complex space systems including spacecraft and launch vehicles. Consequently, Class 10,000 (ISO 7) Cleanrooms are required to provide suitable environments to facilitate these operations. As shown by the proposed layout (see Annex A), the intent is to have a variety of facilities suitable for acceptance, assembly, verification and test, in addition to airlocks and gowning areas where appropriate. The expectation is to achieve ISO 7 standards but with the expectation that normal conditions will not exceed ISO 8 unless by exception. Standard supporting systems are anticipated including provision for single and 3 phase electrical connections, compressed air, LN2 supply (to environmental test and verification areas) and ideally oxygen monitoring. Data provision by Cat 6 connections and sockets are also required, both to facilitate security systems (swipe and CCD) and for standard operations. It is highly desirable that the facility is flexible in design to allow for room reconfiguration as needed, and also that the air filtration system can be serviced by DISC personnel – thus HEPA filters etc need to be accessible

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