Cloud and Technology Resourcing and Outcomes Framework Financial Conduct Authority Tender Closes 18th February

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) intends to enter into a Cloud and Technology Resourcing and Outcomes framework to meet an identified need for cloud and other technology and project delivery resources. 

The framework will support a number of technology programmes and projects, as well as FCAs transition to the cloud in the coming years, on both a resource and outcome basis.

The framework shall consist of three (3) principal Lots:

Lot 1 – Design, Build and Run;
Lot 2 – Programme Management & Resourcing; and
Lot 3 – Specialist Consultancy Services 

Applicants may decide to submit a proposal for one, two or all three Lots. If choosing to bid for more than one Lot, Applicants must ensure they complete the relevant sections of ITT documentation applicable to all Applicants, including specific documentation applicable to the selected Lots.

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