Coach Hire Services University of Portsmouth Tender Closes 7th June

The University of Portsmouth is looking for a coach hire company to provide a full provision of coaches of various sizes to accomodate our sports students to attend sporting events. The University is responsible for the management of 26 student sports clubs. A significant part of their activity involves competitive fixtures. The majority (not all) of these fixtures take place on a Wednesday during University term-time as well as some weekend activity. 

We are seeking a transport company that is able to provide driven transport to and from fixture venues across the south-east and including London. All journeys will depart from the University campus ( PO1 – Portsmouth ) where students will be collected from a specific central point. Drivers may be required to make multiple stops where they will be transporting more than one sports team to different venues. 

The main objective for the university is to deliver a safe and cost-effective transport service for our sports clubs. We would like to work with a company that is flexible and has an understanding of transport provision within the area of sport. 
Suppliers must meet all essential and Mandatory requirements. 

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