Community Diagnostics Market Engagement Event Lambeth Council Closes 15th May

Lambeth NHS Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) will be procuring community diagnostic services consisting of the following elements:
• Ultrasound: Non-obstetric gynaecology 
• Ultrasound: Abdominal 
• Cardiology: 12 Lead ECG
• Cardiology: Extended ECG (24 hour-7day)
• Cardiology: Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring (ABPM) 
These services are currently delivered by a range of providers and it is proposed to revise the current arrangements to ensure consistent coverage across the borough that improves patient experience and outcomes. 
We held an initial market event in February 2019 seeking views on the outline service specification, proposed service delivery model, contractual arrangements and procurement timelines. This event was well attended and very informative. 
Having taken on board the feedback from that event we are now looking for potential providers to attend a second market engagement event to provide feedback on the final service specification and delivery model. We will use this opportunity to walk interested providers through the procurement process and timeline and answer any questions in relation to this.

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