Community Engagement Pilot 2 Project HOME OFFICE Tender Closes 11th November

The Authority is seeking to work with partners to develop services to support migrants who currently live in the community and who do not have permission to live in the UK. Such services shall include assistance to resolve their immigration case comprising legal advice and pastoral support to assist with their integration in the UK or with leaving the UK. These service models will be tested through a series of pilots, each running for two years.

The service is framed around the testing of a hypothesis of five pillars of appropriate personal decision making, which are listed as follows:

• Personal Stability – fundamental position of stability from which to make difficult, life-changing decisions (housing, living costs, safety, healthcare).
• Reliable Information – accurate, comprehensive, personally relevant information on UK immigration and immigration case including legal advice.
• Community Support – consistent pastoral support (case manager), and community support, to enable individuals to feel connected, listened to and to converse with other people in their community.
• Active Engagement – with immigration services ensuring that people feel connected and engaged.
• Prepared Futures – planning for the future, finding positive ways forward for individuals e.g. skills development in line with original immigration objective.

There will be an assumption that users of the pilot have sufficient personal stability to make appropriate personal decisions about their future. Their accommodation and living costs needs (personal stability pillar) will already be met by, for instance, a support network of family or friends in the UK. This pilot will therefore focus on a service developing support to meet individual’s needs represented by the other four pillars as listed above.

The pilot will last for two years, supporting up to 50 migrants at any one time. Foreign National Offenders (FNOs) will NOT be eligible for inclusion in this pilot.

Bids are welcome from not-for-profit organisations and other organisations that are able to demonstrate sufficient experience in providing support:

• in large urban areas; and
• Aa described by the pillars – reliable information, community support, active engagement and prepared future needs.

Joint bids are welcome, where organisations can partner up to cover different requirements within the service.

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