Community Vasectomy Services Gloucestershire Health Authority Tender Closes 19th March

NHS Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group is seeking providers for the delivery of a high quality community based vasectomy services. The services are presently delivered in Primary Care and Community Hospital settings ensuring equity of access to quality services for all patients registered with a General practitioner in Gloucestershire.

The aim of the service is to deliver an accessible and high quality community vasectomy service which will offer patients a choice of location.

Providers will need to evidence that they meet the requirements set out in the service specification.

RCOG guidelines state that practitioners must undertake a minimum of 40 procedures annually to maintain their expertise and familiarity with the process and this level must be met.

Existing providers of community vasectomy services are required to apply via this process to ensure continued service provision.

The complete pathway includes pre-vasectomy counselling, surgical procedures and post-vasectomy testing.

Providers will be required to operate under the terms of the NHS Standard Contract and will be paid according to the local price as stated in the service specification document. As stated above, there are no guarantees of activity volumes / payment in any contract given to an accredited Any Qualified Provider for this service. The volume of activity for the successful applicants will be dependent on patient choice.

Providers will be eligible to join a list of qualified providers subject to demonstrating competency against the authority’s specified criteria. This AQP procurement is open to existing providers and new entrants to the market, subject to assessment.

It should be noted that under the Any Qualified Provider model that there will be no guarantee of activity volume or payments in the contracts awarded.

Organisations will be asked to complete and return a qualification questionnaire.

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