Competitor & Market Intelligence – Monitoring digital developments within the retail financial services sector National Savings & Investments Tender Closes 19th August

NS&I wishes to enter into an agreement with a supplier capable of providing monitoring services and insight on competitors’ digital initiatives within the retail finance sector.

For the purposes of this tender, NS&I requires the following services:

– Preparation and delivery of a quarterly innovation tracker on the latest developments across the categories of mobile app, mobile web and desktop within a competitor set specified by NS&I.

– Presentation of a quarterly deep dive on a customer experience/digital related topic chosen by NS&I.

– Through the use of research credits, dedicated analyst time is required on an ad-hoc basis to deliver insight.

– NS&I may also require, on an ad-hoc basis, assistance on light questions/queries to help clarify some insights.

– Delivery of a topic based monthly report/bulletin on a subject related to customer experience and digital chosen by NS&I.

– NS&I require the supplier to have a secured online platform containing a library of all reports and insights.

– NS&I requires a supplier that has specialist knowledge within the digital and fintech sector with a comprehensive savings market coverage. The supplier should be able to provide monitoring over an extensive list of competitors’ within the UK and globally.

– Proactive, up to date email news alerts on latest competitor and market developments should be sent to NS&I colleagues as and when they arise.

Any eventual contract would be for a maximum duration of three years, renewable on an annual basis after the first year. The indicative budget for this requirement is £210,000 (excluding VAT) over three years.

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