Construction of Stage in Kimberley Park, Falmouth – Falmouth Town Council Tender Closes 25th January

2.1.1 Kimberley Park is one of the Town Council’s principle parks and is looking to create a centre point within the Park as a bandstand and stage. Detailed plans and drawings have been produced and this tender opportunity looks to appoint a Contractor to deliver this vision.

2.1.2 Key objectives of the Tender are:
• Appointment of a competent Principal Contractor to deliver the vision
• High quality structure valued by the Community

2.1.3 The Tender consists of the following documents:
i. Volume 1 – Information Conditions of Tender (this document)
ii. Volume 2 – Applicant’s Offer
iii. Schedule 1 – Drawings & Documents (list of drawings and documents provided)
iv. Schedule 2 – Price
v. Schedule 3 – General Preambles

2.2 Contract Period
2.2.1 It is intended that any resultant Contract shall commence as soon as practically possible after receipt of formal letter of award as may be agreed. Contract period to be six weeks with the aim of the works starting on or around March 2019 with the intention of this being completed by 31 May 2019. NOTE: If you would not be able to complete in this timeframe, please provide a completion date, however please note the Council reserves the right to award to another Contractor if this date is not within a suitable timeframe.

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