Consultancy Opportunity: Assessment of the UK’s business interests in the ArcticWWF-UK (WORLD WIDE FUND FOR NATURE) TRADING LIMITED Tender Closes 10th December

WWF-UK is seeking proposals from suitably experienced consultants to research and assess the extent of UK’s business activity, and influence on the Arctic region. The research will identify the main UK business activities that are driving development, whether they are sustainable, and the trends in these activities.

The key objectives of this research will be to Identify the UK’s influence in the Arctic through business activities, and financial flows including company investments and services to provide a clear baseline of UK financial and business interests in the Arctic; Analyse trends in these sectors, identifying which are increasing and which pose the biggest future threats and opportunities to the Arctic; Identify unsustainable activities by UK business; Provide a foundation upon which to base a advocacy strategy for WWF-UK’s work on sustainable Arctic development.

Full details about the context, sectors and outputs can be viewed in the attached Terms of Reference. To submit a proposal for this project, please outline your methodology and project plan that would fulfil the required outputs. Please also describe your relevant experience, proposed resourcing and associated rates.

Proposals must be submitted by 17:00 hrs on 10th December 2018 by email to Anthony Field, Arctic Sustainable Development Manager, WWF-UK

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