Consultancy services on addressing gender equality and enhancing outcomes for women and girls through our work in Higher Education BRITISH COUNCIL (THE) tender closes 20th December

The British Council wants to commission an initial desk-based research that provides an overview / contextualisation of the key gender issues impacting on Higher Education (HE), identifies good practice globally (both within and outside the British Council); and sets out the next steps we need to take to ensure our project planning, delivery and monitoring and evaluation systems are gender sensitive, address gender inequalities and enhances outcomes for women and girls.

Research objectives:
– To provide a global gender analysis of higher education (while exploring the linkages with other levels of the educational cycle – primary, secondary etc.
– To consider the role of HE in contributing to gender equality, women’s empowerment and more inclusive economies through their critical role in developing knowledge and skills and contributing to economic and social development.
– To highlight key lessons learned and what has worked well in contributing to women’s empowerment and gender equality in HE
– To review our current HE offer and to assess how well gender equality is being integrated across the portfolio

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