Consultancy support on developments for Salesforce Customer and Relationship Management BRITISH COUNCIL (THE) tender closes 28th March

At the heart of the British Council’s success is customer and relationship management (“CRM”). This has a significant impact on our culture, teams, internal and external approaches, as well as ‘systems’ elements including: knowledge management, contact management, customer data, sales & marketing, and evidence which drives new product specification.

We are now seeking specialist consultancy advice on the following range of topics in relation to further developments in the implementation of Salesforce CRM at the British Council: 
• An archiving solution
• Developing a Business Case for the introduction of Marketing Cloud / Pardot, and Google Analytics
• A proposal / pilot for Office 365 integration
• Input into requirements for a procurement exercise pilot for a Cloud Telephony solution for customer service, from the perspective of its integration with Salesforce CRM
• Campaign functionality

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