Consultant for a decision framework for adverse effect on habitat from air pollution Defra Network eTendering Portal closes 31st January

This project aims to create a framework for decision-making in the context of existing best available information and recent caselaw to manage risk of challenge and provide a transparent, strong rationale for future advice on habitat impacts as a result of air pollution. Where necessary, the project can advise on options to adapt this framework to account for recent caselaw and updated evidence. To do this, the work will consider approaches in other countries (UK and international) and explore the range of scenarios for background pollution levels and known patterns of development pressure (eg clustering of specific source types).

The project will outline an ideal framework and provide sufficient information about risks of challenge to then make operational decisions to streamline the process. It is recognised that the level of effort to acquire detailed information to make a decision should be balanced against the credible risk to habitat. This project will provide options for a highly evidence based framework to advise on the risk from a new emission source to cause adverse effect or undermine conservation objectives for a designated site based on existing best available evidence. The approach outlined for internationally significant sites will be expected to translate for the risk of damage to habitat and wildlife on Sites of Special Scientific Interest.

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