Contract for the receipt (or collection) and disposal of Local Authority Collected Healthcare Waste Devon County Council tender closes 2nd August

Currently South Hams and West Devon deliver their Healthcare waste to the service provider’s waste reception point while the service provider collects Healthcare waste from a facility in Exeter to which Exeter City Council, and the District Councils of Teignbridge and East Devon deliver their waste.
The service therefore entails the provision of waste reception point or points by the contractor to which contract waste can be delivered. The contractor shall then haul the waste to their waste disposal point at which point the contractor shall dispose the waste.
The contractor’s waste reception point may be sited at the same location as their waste disposal point, in which case contract waste is received and disposed of at the same location.
The service also entails the collection of contract waste by the contractor from the waste collection point in Exeter and its transport to their waste reception point, from which point the contractor shall arrange for the disposal of the waste.
The contract further makes provisions for the District Councils of North Devon, Torridge and Mid-Devon to join this contract part-way through its term.
The disposal of contract waste shall be by means of incineration or incineration/pyrolysis to render the contract waste benign. Other means of disposal may be acceptable at the discretion of the Authority.
The initial service period shall be between 1.2.2020 and 31.3.2022 which option to extend the contract beyond 31.3.2022 by periods totaling a maximum period of further 3 years.

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