Cornwall College Website Development St. Austell College Tender Closes 4th November

INVITATION TO QUOTE – Website Development
Cornwall College Further Education Corporation (herein after referred to as the College) wish to invite you to provide a quotation to provide the College’s requirement. Further details of this project can be found within the attached documents.

Your quotation must be submitted on Part 2 of this document and returned by email to: – to be received no later than 4th November 2019 and indicate all discounts thereby showing the nett Total Price. Any quotation submitted after this time and date specified will not be considered and will be rejected.

You are also required to complete the Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ) as appended to this Invitation to Quote, see Appendix A. The completion of this PQQ is mandatory, failure to answer all questions and/or failing to return it with your invitation to quote response will constitute a fail, and therefore exclusion from this project.

Anticipated Timescales:

ITQ made available to Bidders 15/10/2019
Date to submit clarifications (if raised) 21/10/2019
Answers to clarifications published 23/10/2019
Deadline for receipt of Invitation to Quote 04/11/2019
Preferred Bidder(s) chosen (subject to contract) 08/11/2019

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