Critical Messaging Tool City of London Corporation Tender Closes 11th December

A messaging tool is required by the City of London Corporation and City of London Police to carry out regional critical messaging to our communities in the event of an emergency and also national information around services and issues. This would be provided by a subscription model, but pre-populated with existing subscribers to a current service.

There are currently two tools in place, one dealing with national communication for over 330,000 subscribers, the other regional with around 4,000 subscribers, which are a mix of internal staff and external subscribers. The intention is to procure a solution which meets both needs and to ensure continuity of service with the current subscriber base.

The potential audience for the regional tool should grow, with around 9,000 residents, 55,000 businesses and 400,000 workers in the City, there is scope for expanding the service and any response should clearly indicate the cost associated with growth of usage. Work will be carried out to engage with communities, particularly ones that have been seen as hard to reach. The size of the membership of the national tool could also grow. It is vital that any response includes expected costs, if any, of growth in numbers. Where possible the brief should identify ways to reduce those costs.

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