Data Warehouse to Enable Digital Manufacturing University of Bristol Tender Closes 1st May

The National Composites Centre intends to procure a Data Warehouse to Enable Digital Manufacturing..

Recently the NCC was awarded £36.7m to invest in the next generation of composite manufacturing equipment. 
Ten new capabilities have been purchased that will enable us to continue to provide world-class research and development services to the composite manufacturing community into the next decade. 
The equipment procured by the NCC is to become Digital-ready. This will be achieved through the addition of sensors to monitor key process variables and intelligent data processing to drive manufacturing decisions. Key to this Digital capability is a data warehousing solution, which is required to store data collected from the manufacturing processes and to allow engineers to query, interrogate and analyse the manufacturing data. These data will be derived from a range of sensors that may include the following: 
– Thermocouples; 
– Pressure sensors; 
– Dielectric sensors; 
– Thermal cameras; 
– Visual cameras; 
– Laser line scanners. 

This Prior Information Notice (PIN) serves to alert the marketplace of this opportunity and to invite interested suppliers to lodge an initial expression of interest by sending an email to

Contractors may also provide any other information, which they feel, may support the NCC with scoping and planning for this exercise.

At this stage, the NCC has not identified a route to procurement. The intention is to use the information gathered during the market engagement to shape the proposed procurement process and specification for this project. 

Commercially confidential information should therefore be marked accordingly. 

Following consideration of responses, the NCC may wish to engage in further discussions with the respondents, which may also further help to inform any subsequent Tender documentation.

Tender documents will be finalised following supplier feedback and issued thereafter. (Note: There are currently no tender documents at this stage – this stage is to understand market interest via expressions of interest only).

Details and guidance on the procurement process will be provided within the tender documentation.

Participating in this market sounding exercise will not guarantee short-listing at a later stage in the procurement, nor will non-participation in this market sounding exercise restrict access to the tender opportunity.

As a result of feedback or for any other reason, the NCC may make the decision not to go ahead with any proposed procurement exercise. The NCC will not meet any costs incurred by any party in responding to this notice.

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