Delivered Ready Prepared Meals FOODBUY EUROPE LIMITED Tender Closes 20th May

NHS Supply Chain: Food, seeks to establish a non-exclusive Framework Agreement for supply and delivery to the NHS Supply Chain customer base via the direct/e-Direct route of chilled and/or frozen meals in 2 Lots. The Framework Agreement will have an initial term of 24 months with an option to extend incrementally for up to a total period of a further 24 months (i.e. 48 months in total). It is anticipated that in the first 12 months of the Framework Agreement the value of purchases will be in the region of £14,700,000. For the full 48 month term (if extended) the anticipated value is in the region of £147,000,000. These values are approximate only and are based on the most recent historical usage information, with a forecasted level of growth. The values provided are for guidance only and are not a guarantee of business.

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