Delivery and maintenance of the Provider Data Self-assessment Toolkit (PDSAT) DEPARTMENT FOR EDUCATION tender closes 31st December

Development and maintenance of the Provider Data Self-Assessment Toolkit (PDSAT).

We are looking to contract for services to maintain and develop the PDSAT, including regular updates as required, and operation of a support desk for end users (education and training providers).

The Product
PDSAT is a mature product, there should be limited technical development , with an emphasis on ensuring alignment with changes to ESFA funding policy, and understanding of the post-16 education and training data environment, supporting the requirement for updates to the PDSAT at key points during the business cycle.
PDSAT supports an important element of our assurance activity, so understanding and experience of post-16 funding and the audit process are essential.

PDSAT is an ESFA tool that enables users to test the integrity of their Individualised Learner Record (ILR) data. Further information around the toolkit can be found in the attachment.

The Required Services
The anticipated scope of the Data Self-Assessment (DSAT) service comprises the following main elements:
• PDSAT development and technical maintenance including the assurance sampler (for ESFA auditors and external audit firms, but available to members of staff and external users);
• The contract will cover data interrogation and reporting of Individualised Learner Record (ILR) data received by the ESFA from providers contracted to deliver ESFA-funded post-16 provision (e.g. apprenticeships, adult education budget, 16-19 funding).
• There are currently specific phases of release. These currently include the first release that accepts both XML and Funding Information System (FIS) input and outputs exception reports, a second release that also includes the audit sampler input and possible updates where necessary. The outcome is a tool that contains the Audit Sampler as well as a suite of PDSAT reports. The work specification requirements together with delivery timeline will be agreed annually during the contract period to meet a timetable to be determined by the ESFA. We anticipate phased release on the same or similar basis in future years;
• Further additional specific data reports may be requested from current and previous funding years by request;
• The provision of a DSAT helpdesk support for all users;
• The administration and delivery of DSAT Technical User Group support meetings for external users where applicable;
• Any ad hoc DSAT development / projects that may be required during the period of the contract.

The current iteration of PDSAT is a standalone installable application programmed in C#.NET, utilising Microsoft ClickOnce as the installer. It uses Microsoft SQL for report generation and also utilises other .NET Framework languages including XAML and LINQ.

The ESFA will retain full ownership rights of all of the DSAT software and the underlying code that supports it.

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