Delivery of Personal Safety in High Risk Settings Care Quality Commission Tender Closes 7th January

CQC seeks to introduce Personal safety training in high risk settings for specified groups of staff who regularly inspect service providers that may present a risk to their personal safety.
The core groups of staff (the “Learners”) who would require the training would be:
• Health and Justice Team
• Registration Inspectors
• Relationship Managers for providers in high risk settings

These Learners have been identified as being core participants on this learning due to the nature of the environments that they would access as part of their role.

We would expect the contractor to deliver a programme of classroom based learning, supported learning possibly through observed skills practice possibly including role-play and self-directed learning through reflective practice and portfolio/assignment completion

This contractor will need to be able to provide this programme across appropriate locations in England. These would be aligned to CQC offices: London, Leeds, Newcastle, Birmingham and Bristol.

Dates for delivery are currently flexible however these are to be agreed in advance with the expectation that the first cohort must begin their programme in March 2019.

There is a budget ceiling of £78,000 (inclusive of VAT) for this contract and bids above this price will not be considered.

Please note that any questions and clarifications relating to this ITT must be raised before 2pm 20th December 2018.

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