Dementia Post Diagnostic Support – South Of England Procurement Centre – Closes 29th October

The aim of the Dementia Post Diagnostic Support Service is to be the main point of contact for the person diagnosed and their carer during the entire dementia journey. Potential bidders will be expected to demonstrate an awareness of and the ability to provide support at all stages (including complex, challenging and end of life/bereavement support) of the journey.

The service will provide appropriate emotional support, practical guidance and information to meet the needs of those entering the service, as well as facilitating access to well-being interventions which promote independence and quality of life.

The service will demonstrate a person-centred approach that is tailored to the individual needs of a variety of clinical groups.

The service will be both for the person diagnosed with dementia and their family carer/supporter.

The service will also provide support for those people who at the end of the diagnostic process are felt by diagnosing clinicians to have Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI).

The service will provide support for those people under 65, who have a diagnosis of early onset dementia.

The service will work in partnership with a wide range of organisations including General Practitioners as part of an integrated approach. It will facilitate identifying issues leading to deterioration and will work with agencies to ensure a timely and pro-active response. It is expected that Care Coordination and support for Advanced Care Planning will assume a key element of the Dementia Post Diagnostic Support Service.

It is also expected that the preferred provider will demonstrate the ability to support the local Memory Service (where appropriate) to achieve compliance with Nice Guidance and local Primary Care providers (again where appropriate) to deliver objectives in Locally Commissioned Service agreements.

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