Demolishing and Refurbishment of Garages – Midhurst Gardens London Borough of Hillingdon Tender Closes 23rd August

The London Borough of Hillingdon (Hillingdon) are seeking to appoint a Contractor for the demolishing and refurbishment of Garages 1-20 and Access Road at the Rear of 40 Midhurst Gardens, Hillingdon UB10 9DL for the London Borough of Hillingdon.

The garages at Midhurst Gardens are in a dilapidated state. They are not fit for purpose and therefore not very lettable. The disuse has seen them fallen into disrepair and attract anti-social behaviour including arson. The Council has decided that 14 garages will be replaced with 11 new wider garages to allow for commercial vehicles and larger residential cars. It is intended that the larger garages will be more rentable than the current one. Six of the existing garages will be refurbished.

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