Demolition and rebuild of a brick retaining wall and adjacent brick wall and timber fence YEOVIL TOWN COUNCIL tender closes 16th November

Yeovil Town Council owns and manages Monmouth Community Hall in Yeovil where the retaining wall alongside the car park is failing and requires demolition and rebuilding. A second brick wall and timber fence adjacent to the retaining wall will also need to be replaced. The wall is 50m in length and about 1m high at its highest point. A structural engineer has investigated the existing wall, and has provided a drawing and specification for the new wall.

The Town Council requires that the appointed contractor takes full responsibility for the construction of the wall to be in accordance with the structural engineer’s specification through to practical completion.

Yeovil Town Council is seeking quotations to carry out this work. If you are interested, please contact Yeovil Town Council (Wednesday – Friday) for a copy of the structural engineer’s drawings, and more detailed information. Potential contractors will need to visit the site prior to submitting a quote for the works.

Please note, Yeovil Town Council does not bind itself to accept the lowest or indeed any of the tenders submitted.

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