Design and Installation of an Electronic Access Control System London Borough of Hillingdon Tender Closes 21st February

The London Borough of Hillingdon wishes to invite organisations with the appropriate skills, experience, procedures and financial standing to submit a tender for the following works; 

The scope of services involves the detailed survey, technical design, supply and installation of a new access control system (partial replacement of the access control system retaining compatible components of the existing), whilst keeping the existing systems operational. The works will also include a general builder’s work package to provide clear separation of staff and public areas. Electrical and fire alarm works in connection are included.

It is anticipated that the contract will be awarded in 15th April 2019 and commence in 4 weeks, with 12 weeks calendar weeks allowed for completion of the works from start on site with a 6 weeks week lead in period to include the Design and Development. An award or start date which differs from that above shall not invalidate this tender. 

Before submitting a tender, it is recommended that tenderers visit the site to fully acquaint themselves with the full extent of the nature of the works required to ensure that all labour, material and plant required to complete the works are included within the tender. Any additional costs will not be considered after receipt of your Tender.

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