Development and Underpinning of Waste Containers for Low Specific Activity Decommissioning ILW (1) CTM Portal for the NDA Shared Services Alliance Tender Closes 18th October

Radioactive Waste Management Limited (RWM) is responsible for delivery of a Geological Disposal Facility (GDF) and providing waste management solutions for Higher Activity Waste (HAW). Through engagement with Site Licence Companies (SLCs) via the Disposability Assessment Process, RWM is in the unique position of being able to oversee and influence the management of HAW by identifying opportunities and sharing best practice. The HAW Programme is focused on providing support to SLCs and implementing relatively near-term opportunities to improve waste management practices and provide cost savings to Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA). This is achieved by collaborative working with SLCs to identify, develop and implement new waste management opportunities. RWM has been requested to explore waste packaging and interim storage options for Intermediate Level Waste (ILW) that will be generated through a proposed acceleration to the delivery of reactor dismantling operations, notably the Stage 3 decommissioning wastes that will arise from the Final Site Clearance (FSC) of the ten Magnox Ltd reactor sites. In order to enable this acceleration in reactor dismantling, suitable waste containers must be available in the required numbers, at the right time, and at competitive cost to enable packaging and interim storage of the waste.

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