Development of interactive online modules: Effectively embedding maths & English in Apprenticeships The Education and Training Foundation Tender Closes 5th July

The Education and Training Foundation (ETF) would like to build on its maths and English in Apprenticeship work and are commissioning the development of four interactive online learning packages. Each package should include a stand-alone core online module and be complemented by a follow up webinar and other support activities.

The aim of this programme is to increase the effectiveness of delivery of maths and English in apprenticeships through providing CPD opportunities to a wider audience across the Further Education (FE) sector. The training will be made more flexible to suit the busy diaries of the FE workforce, enabling it to be accessed anywhere, anytime. Participants should be able to complete a minimum number of hours and get maximum benefit. Ideally, the content and format would also suit employer provider needs.

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