DFE Journals Access Requirement Department for Education Tender Closes 6th March 2020

The Department requires the provision of a range of electronic academic and scientific journal collections covering the department’s policy interests. This should act as a ‘one stop shop’ for the Department’s journal access requirements. The core content offering should be:

– Accessible to multiple users concurrently, but allowing for growth in usage.

– Academic scientific evidence only.

– Integrated electronic access to other, specific journals where needed and where not covered by the core offering.

– Integrated electronic open access content.

– Policy-relevant research content relevant to all DfE policy areas including early years, schools, further education, higher education and children’s services.

– A high level of full-text access.

– UK and international English-language evidence.

– Management data on usage including search terms.

– It should be possible to click a link, and be taken straight to a specific search in the portal without having to log on

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