DFID 8397 Health Research Programme Consortia (RPCS): Filling the gaps in evidence: Building stronger and more resilient Health Systems Contract Notice DEPARTMENT FOR INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT closes 23rd November

The UK is seen as a leader in health research and a higher level of UK involvement will add value to global research efforts. DFID has committed to the production and use of high quality evidence, data and innovation to accelerate progress towards the Global Goals. Following extensive internal and global consultation, the following areas were identified as being gaps and an opportunity for the UK to intervene, given our relative strengths:
(i) Tackling infectious diseases
(ii) Building stronger and more resilient health systems,
(iii) Improving the health of the world’s most vulnerable, including sexual and reproductive health, mental health and maternal, newborn and child health.

DFID intends to award a contract in circa May 2019 for an initial term of 6 years with a budget of 65500000 GBP. DFID may extend the duration up to an additional 2 years with a maximum total contract value of 95500000 GBP.

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