DiadES – Production of a series of videos for the DiadES project University Of Plymouth tender closes 14th March

The University of Plymouth require the production of a series of videos for the DiadES project. This project is being funded by the European Structural and Investment Fund and is an INTERREG project.

To develop twelve short videos (edited content of 1.5 minutes to 3 minutes each ) about the people involved in the DiadES project and the main outputs.

These videos will be based on personal testimonies of DiadES partners and key actors on the management of diadromous fish in the climate change context and the need for an adaptation of management strategies at the scale of the Atlantic area.

The videos will highlight the diversity of situations and viewpoints in Europe and present the DiadES problem-solving outputs to regional policy makers, managers and high-education degree students.

The value of contract is 36,000 euros firm price and is inclusive of VAT.

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