DICE Fellowship Programme, Pakistan: Content Development THE BRITISH COUNCIL Closes 6th November

DICE Pakistan is launching the DICE Fellowship Programme with a Pakistan-based partner, The School of Leadership Foundation (SOLF), in autumn 2018. The DICE Fellowship Programme will provide opportunities for training, mentoring and networking for more than 600 young entrepreneurs, women enterprise leaders and individual enterprises/organisations within the social and creative domains.

The Programme is designed to help creative and social enterprise leaders sustain their businesses and multiply their impact and is based on three components with three phases of learning.

The School of Leadership Foundation is an organisation working extensively with young people, especially women, for community development and social enterprise development. They have been arranging Youth Leadership conferences on the social enterprise model for the last seventeen years in which more than 500 young leaders from across Pakistan participate each year. Through its project Empowerment for Life, SOLF directly impacted 15,000 young people around the country by instilling foundation concepts of career actualisation and development.

The nature of this assignment is to work alongside SOLF to develop and review content for capacity building of social and creative enterprise leaders under our DICE Fellowship.

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