Digital Languages Mentoring Project DEPARTMENT FOR EDUCATION tender closes 16th October

The DfE is seeking a provider to design and deliver a digital languages mentoring project to encourage pupils to choose Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) at GCSE level.

The purpose of the project is to take a mentoring approach to engage pupils, inspire them to think globally, and show them the value of languages. The project is to be targeted at Year 9 pupils in state maintained schools in England, with the mentors being MFL undergraduate students at universities in England. The project will initially be a small trial to explore evidence of impact.

Languages are important to our young people in developing skills and knowledge, offering a good grounding in knowledge about the world they live in, and opening more doors to more careers. In order to encourage more pupils to study language GCSEs, we are looking for interested providers to bid to run this digital languages mentoring project.

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