Digital Pathology Solution DORSET COUNTY HOSPITAL NHS FOUNDATION TRUST Closes 14th November

Dorset County Hospital is exploring options for a digital pathology solution to support the histopathology department, and mitigate local and national shortages of Histopathology Medical Staff. This work stream is supported by the One Dorset Pathology Network, and whilst this PIN has been issued by Dorset County Hospital there is scope for a Dorset wide offering including Poole Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, The Royal Bournemouth and Christchurch NHS Foundation Trust and Dorset County Hospital.

Description of the Procurement:
Dorset County Hospital would like to explore options for a digital histopathology offering. This should include the scanning and reporting of histopathology slides prepared in our own labs, and the potential for a digital solution for consultant input to MDT meetings. Detail about potential digital solutions is sought to develop a specification of requirements for a digital pathology service that could be expanded to the One Dorset Pathology Network.

Additional information:
The Purpose of this PIN is to establish interested suppliers. We wish to invite interested parties to discuss this opportunity and to clarify potential offering available and understand the potential capital investment requirement and revenue cost projections.

Please contact to express your interest.

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