Domain Management Services National Employment Savings Trust (NEST) Tender Closes 14th January

NEST Corporation is committed to building and maintaining a merchantable product and service that meets the needs of our customers, and our legal and compliance obligations. NEST is committed to delivering a package of changes which enable us to balance the need to:

– Remain compliant with all regulatory changes;
– Maintain operational viability;
– Anticipate and respond to the increase in volumes of both employers and members using the scheme; and
With reference to the above, NEST Corporation needs to ensure that the scheme’s infrastructure and support services are scaled appropriately throughout the contract period so that there is no deterioration in the operation of the scheme or negative impact on members or employers.

NEST invites tenders for the provision of Managed Domain Services. The scope of these Services includes (however not limited to) the provision of Registrar facilities, Alerting & Renewal, Monitoring services (Domain, Brand, Logo, & Reputation), landscape audit, Phishing & IP fraud protection, Domain Security Services, Online Brand Protection, Corporate Domain Management Services, Domain Name Monitoring and Enforcement and Generic Top-level Domain Services (gTLD).

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