Dover Castle Masterplan – Phase 1 (Play Designer Services) English Heritage-Estates Tender Closes 11th October

In 2021 English Heritage intends to open a major new interpretation and play scheme at Dover Castle, centred on the siege of 1216 and events in the 18th and 19th centuries when the threat of war overseas led to a heavy investment in the castle. Geographically the focus will be on increasing visitor access around the northern end of the site around the Spur, including the Ravelin, Redan, Spur casemates and Medieval Tunnels. This will be phase 1 of a Master Plan for the site and will be accompanied by developments to improve the car parking and catering offer at the Castle.

The Interpretation and Play scheme is fully integrated, however, the Play and Interpretation Designer are two separate disciplines on the project and are expected to co-ordinate. The winning tenderer on this project will be to act as Play Designer only.

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